AICOL 2022 Programme

AICOL2022 Program – PDF

One Full-Day Wokshop

XIV Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and the Complexity of Legal Systems (AICOL), to be held at JURIX-2022, Saarland University, Saarbrücken

14th December 2022

Starterzentrum; A1.1, Room 1.09

Link for the remote connection will be distributed later.

8.30-9.00- Registration

  • 9.00-9.20 Fahimeh Abedi, John Zeleznikow and Fernando Esteban De La Rosa, Benefits and Challenges of Using Artificial Intelligence in Online Dispute Resolution15:30–16:00 Coffee
  • 9.20-9.40 Adam Wyner and Tomasz Zurek, Values, Justifications, and Consortia
  • 9.40-10.00 Tim van den Belt and Henry Prakken, Measuring the Complexity of Dutch Legislation
  • 10:00–10:20 Lu-Chi Liu, Mostafa Mohajeri Parizi, L.Thomas van Binsbergen and Tom van Engers, Regulatory services to automate compliance with ex-post enforcement

10:30–11:00 Coffee Break

  • 11.00-11.20 Paola Aurucci, Primary and Secondary use of Clinical Trial Data in Spain. A new Code of Conduct to Support AI Revolution
  • 11.20-11.40 Jacopo Ciani, The legal challenges of the digital afterlife industry and the new AI driven memorial chatbots
  • 11.40-12.00 Ludovica Paseri, Sharing and Reuse of Research Data in EU: The Risk of Over Regulation and Its Implications
  • 12.00-12.20 Yuna Tamura and Tokuyasu Kakuta, Web Course Supporting System for Litigation Role-Playing


12:30–13:30- Lunch

JURIX 2022 Doctoral Consortium

  1. 13.40-14.00 Alessandro Parenti, Legal Smart Contracts: Declarative and Procedural Representations of Computable Legal Agreements, Discussant: Guido Governatori
  2. 14.00-14.20 Emmie Hine, The Impact of Extended Reality on Human Rights: An Analysis of Development and Governance in America and China, Discussant: Claudio Novelli
  3. 14.20-14.40 Cristina Domingo Jaramillo, Legal-Criminal and Criminological Challenges of the use of Artificial Intelligence to Prevent Crime, Discussant: Alessandra Santangelo
  4. 14.40-15.00 Giacalone Paola, Public and Private in ODR Services: towards what balance?, Discussant:John Zeleznikow
  5. 15.00-15.20 Francesca Valastro, Online Mediation in Italy: an Empirical Study from the Persecptive of Laywers and Mediators, Discussant: Pompeu Casanovas
  6. 15.20-15.40 Thayssa Bohadana Martins, A Guideline to NFTs and Copyright protection for digital assets, Discussant: Nadia Pocher
  7. 15.40-16.00 Giovanni Sorrentino, Law in the metaverse. The relationship between blockchain, identity and the right to be forgotten, Discussant: Chantal Bomprezzi
  8. 16.00-16.20 Gioia Arnone, Cryptocurrency as Blockchain-based Architecture Dsiputes and Decentralized Justice: the Role of Online Dispute Resolution, Discussant: Monica Palmirani
  9. 16.20-16.40 Paulus Meessen, Critical Informalities, Discussant: Victor Rodríguez Doncel  

17.00 Conclusions